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Look at this majestic beast

My Gods that first GIF. O__O

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No words need to be said :3

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Long before the Maleficent movie, Disney released a hilarious book called My Side of the Story where Maleficent and Aurora both told their respective sides of the story with some great illustrations. Maleficent claims of course she was only looking out for Aurora and Phillip’s best interests, despite those pesky fairies. And poor Phillip is constantly described by both sides as always being a total mess and “smelling like a horse.” (Also Aurora says he has dimples so deep you could ”plant corn in them” and “deep enough to mine for gold.”)

I read this book before I watched Maleficent the other night (I’ve read it before but I never get tired of it!)….although I enjoyed the movie, I wish it had been more like this book d:

Oh YAAAAS thank you for reminding me of this wonderful series. They also had Lady Tremaine and Ursula if I’m not mistaken. It was brilliant.

Tyler Blackburn thooooo ahhhhh

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I don’t get how babies can cry at restaurants lol like nigga why you cryin there’s food around you rejoice

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Anyone who passes by this on their commute to and fro work will have a nice bright spot in their days thanks to these stairs <3

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Perfect for a nursery!

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